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Welcome to SURE

Welcome to Sure, your platform for AI-powered performance tools for insurance advisors. Our suite of cutting-edge performance tools are designed by advisors, for advisors, ensuring accurate results while saving you on time. By leveraging our innovative technology, you can streamline your processes, eliminate time-consuming tasks, enhance your client experience and embrace a step-change in sales.

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Our Team

At Sure, we are backed by a team of visionary founders and investors, including GuardRisk, YellowSpot, Incubate Health, Remnant, FullStack, and Praelexis. With their expertise and support, we are set to transform the insurance industry.

Our team is made up of industry insiders who possess extensive knowledge of AI and technology, along with a profound understanding of advisor operations. We firmly believe that advances in science, AI, and technology present an unprecedented opportunity to enhance how clients are served and practices are operated.

We strive to leverage these advancements to deliver solutions that drive meaningful outcomes for both financial advisors and their clients. By embracing the latest technological innovations and combining them with our core values of integrity, excellence, and client-centricity, we are paving the way for a future where insurance advisors achieve unparalleled success.

Value proposition – to advisors & users

At Sure, we offer a compelling value proposition to both advisors and users. With our suite of AI-powered performance tools, you can significantly improve your earnings by 50 to 100% while exerting the same or even less effort.
Our two-step process focuses on optimising the basics and driving energy, resulting in improved service, enhanced speed, and reduced costs. By leveraging our tools, you can gain a deeper understanding of client risk, generate high-quality leads, and drive new business and sales.



AI-driven Life Insurance quotes. 


Compliance meets Efficiency.


Transition from Advisor to Business Owner.


Scale inter-FSP migrations.

Join us and be part of unlocking the immense potential of science, AI, and technology, and reshape the insurance industry for the better. Together, we can shape a future where clients receive exceptional service and insurance advisors operate at the forefront of innovation. Contact us


Comparative Life Insurance quotes in minutes?
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Onboard your client with a full FNA, FICA and more.

Where you optimise your offering, your book, and your footprint.

Smartphone enabled client consents with auto-populated compliance.

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